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Windermere Lake Wardens and Rangers Annual Report 2018/19

Meeting: 24/01/2020 - Lake Administration Committee (Item 31)

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To consider the Windermere Lake Wardens and Rangers Annual Report 2018/19.

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The Service Delivery Manager provided an overview of Lake user activity stating that, although busy, 2019 had not been as successful as 2018. Specifically, he reported that there had been a 6% drop in moorings take up in comparison to 2018.  This drop, he explained, was due to an uptake in fixed berths at private marinas. He further commented that slipway activity was weather dependent and pointed out that 2019’s weather had been disappointing.


In addition, the Service Delivery Manager referred to the impact on boat storage due to the work being carried out at the caravan park.  He further mentioned the water safety talks for schools explaining that, due to redeployment of staff last year, this scheme had not been delivered as expected.  He confirmed, however, commitment to delivering this scheme during 2020.


The Service Delivery Manager informed Members that the Windermere Boat and Adventure Show had been a great success, as well as the Great North Swim event. He reported that the number of reported incidents was no greater than in previous years and commended his Team for the sensitive and courageous response to the one serious fatality. Lastly, he thanked Members for their support, guidance and continued fair scrutiny.


A number of Members focussed their questions on the statistics relating to adrift and ashore boats which were reported in Table 5.2a. The Service Delivery Manager explained that these incidents could be a result of bad weather, however, reiterated that it was the boat owner’s responsibility to secure boats. Wardens did, though, implement temporary measures in such circumstances, and weather warnings were provided. In addition, he made clear to Members that these incidents very rarely cause damage to other boats.


The Service Delivery Manager provided clarification on the removal of rotting and neglected boats, explaining that owners could be asked to remove the boats or that they could be removed through means of legal action.


Additional questions were asked in relation to what measures were being put into place with regards to habitat conservation. The Service Delivery Manager referred to partnership working with the South Cumbria Rivers Trust and suggested that Members refer to the Windermere Lake Action Plan for further details.


In response to a question regarding environmental concerns over the type of fuel used in the patrol boats, the Service Delivery Manager, confirmed that the Lake District National Park Authority had replaced two petrol engines with LPG fuelled ones on their Lake Patrol Boats.  In addition, he pointed out that the Council had recently replaced its engine with one of the cleanest available.  He agreed that all Lake users should be encouraged to use cleaner engines and more efficient fuel, and undertook to look into this matter. 


The Service Delivery Manager clarified that currently only third party insurance was required for Lake users, although expressed his preference for fully comprehensive insurance.


Attention having been drawn to incorrect figures displayed within table 3.3a (Breakdown of the mooring usage by fee type since October 2015), the Service Delivery  ...  view the full minutes text for item 31