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A590 Cross-a-Moor Junction Improvement

Meeting: 22/07/2020 - Cabinet (Item 53)

A590 Cross-a-Moor Junction Improvement

To consider funding contribution arrangements (report to follow).


Please note:-


The Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been informed that, the matter having only just arisen and the matter not having been included in the Forward Plan at least 28 days before the decision is due to be made, this matter is treated as an urgent decision, the General Exception applying under paragraph 15 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules within Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution.




Copies of the report had been circulated at the start of the meeting and the document was displayed on screen.


The Director of Strategy, Innovation and Resources presented the report, explaining that this report would now update the Cabinet whilst further work was progressing.  As such, this report no longer formed a Key Decision, but the further work would enable the Key Decision to be taken at a future Cabinet meeting.  He informed Members on progress with the A590 Cross-a-Moor Junction improvement scheme.


The Legal, Governance and Democracy Lead Specialist (Monitoring Officer) informed Members of her involvement in the matter and of the need to explore the respective powers of all tiers of local government.


During discussion, Members expressed continued cross-party support for the scheme and the Director of Strategy, Innovation and Resources undertook to work closely with the relevant portfolio holders and to cascade information to local ward Members.


The Leader asked the meeting if the motion was agreed.  There was no dissent.




RESOLVED – That the following be noted:-


(1)        progress with the scheme as described within the report; and


(2)        following a request from Highways England, that the Growth and Housing Fund monies held by the Council are being transferred to Highways England for their use on the scheme.


Reasons for Decision


The A590 Cross-a-Moor Junction Improvement would ensure delivery of over 1,000 dwellings in south Ulverston on sites allocated in the adopted Local Plan.  It would therefore play a key role in the Council’s priority for delivering housing, particularly affordable housing.  The scheme is highly significant for the housing priority in the Council Plan, and for the delivery of around 20% of planned housing provision in the Local Plan to 2025.


The scheme is also central to future economic growth in South Lakeland.  The lack of people, particularly of working age, has been identified as a significant challenge to business growth in the area.  The increased housing this project will facilitate will allow more people to live and work in the area, increasing the supply of labour for business of all sizes and sectors.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


The alternative options considered will be reported in a future report once further information from partners is considered.