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Braithwaite Fold Caravan Park - Lease agreement

Meeting: 17/03/2021 - Cabinet (Item 150)

Braithwaite Fold Caravan Park - Lease agreement

To consider entering into a 25 year lease with the Camping and Caravanning Club for Braithwaite Fold Caravan site, Braithwaite Fold, Bowness-on-Windermere.

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The Finance and Resources Portfolio Holder presented a report on the lease agreement for Braithwaite Fold Caravan Park. He explained that the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the agreement reached last year which meant that a new agreement must be reached. The Portfolio Holder detailed the new proposed agreement and highlighted both the intent to invest in the site and the benefits of the skills and network that the agreement would bring to the site.


Following extensive discussions on the report, it was agreed that Members felt it necessary to ensure that negotiations, if possible  aimed to add a break clause into the 25 year agreement and that the intended investment into the site is secured as part of the agreement. It was also decided that an addition to the recommendation (2) should add that the delegated authority to agree terms should also be in conjunction with the Finance and Resources Portfolio Holder.


The Leader asked the meeting if the motion was agreed. It being clarified that this was on the basis of Appendix 1, however that officers discuss the points highlighted during the meeting with the Camping and Caravanning Club. There was no dissent.





(1)         the grant of a new 25 year lease with the Camping and Caravanning Club for the future operation of the Braithwaite Fold Caravan site on the new terms as attached in appendix1, be approved; and


(2)         authority be delegated to agreeterms andenter intothe leaseto theDirector of Customer andCommercial Servicesin conjunctionwith theLead Specialist forFinance, LeadSpecialist forLegal, Governanceand Democracy and the Finance and Resources Portfolio Holder.


Reasons for Decision

The Braithwaite Fold Caravan Park lease agreement links to Council priorities for Economy and Culture by encouraging a sustainable environment and inclusive economy.


Alternative Options


To re-tender the management agreement to see if other suppliers would beinterested in runningthe siteon behalfof theCouncil. Thishas beendiscounted asit isfelt that the current tendering portal covers a wide area and therefore it is unlikely to bring about a different result.

For the Council to run the site in house. Due to the required recruitment process, itis not felt that this is an appropriate alternative option.