Issue - meetings

Establishment Update

Meeting: 20/07/2021 - Human Resources Committee (Item 10)

Organisational Establishment Update

To consider the updated Organisational Establishment List.

Additional documents:


The Human Resources Specialist presented a report which outlined the updated Organisational Establishment Update and highlighted the changes to the reporting lines within Customer and Commercial Services and two additional new roles in the Directorate.


The Human Resources Specialist and Director of Customer and Commercial Services responded to questions raised by members.




(1)        the following be noted:-


(a)        changes to Customer and Commercial Service Directorate line management reporting lines; and


(b)        the two additional new roles (Principal Specialist and Team Leader) in the Customer and Commercial Services Directorate; and


(2)        the following be approved: -


(a)        the disestablishment of the post of Performance Innovation and Commissioning Lead Specialist from the establishment;


(b)        the establishment of a new post of Principal Specialist (Performance, Innovation and Commissioning);


(c)        the revision to the Strategy function to incorporate the functions of Performance, Innovation and Commissioning Principal Specialist; and


(d) the Organisational Establishment update and changes to titles within the report; and


(3)        the Monitoring Officer be authorised to make the necessary amendments to the Constitution to add the wording ‘including changes to job titles’ to delegation E(2) 2.1.