Council - Wednesday, 29 March 2023 5.30 p.m.

Venue: District Council Chamber, South Lakeland House, Kendal. View directions

Contact: Adam Moffatt 

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 404 KB

To authorise the Chairman to sign, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 20 December 2022 (copy attached).


Emergency Non-Executive Decisions pdf icon PDF 121 KB

To receive the following Emergency Non-Executive Decision taken by the Chief Executive in accordance with Part 3 of the Council’s Constitution 3. (B 1) (11.1) and to note any spending outside any budgetary provision:-


-        023 - Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fuel Payment (Attached).


Public Participation

Any member of the public who wishes to ask a question, make representations or present a deputation or petition at this meeting should apply to do so by no later than 0:01am (one minute past midnight) two working days before the meeting.  Information on how to make the application can be obtained by viewing the Council’s Website or by contacting the Committee Services Team on 01539 733333.


(1)        Questions and Representations


            To receive any questions or representations which have been received from members of the public.


(2)        Deputations and Petitions


            To receive any deputations or petitions which have been received from members of the public.


Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

To receive declarations by Members of interests in respect of items on this Agenda and to consider any dispensations.


Members are reminded that, in accordance with the revised Code of Conduct, they are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests or other registrable interests which have not already been declared in the Council’s Register of Interests.  (It is a criminal offence not to declare a disclosable pecuniary interest either in the Register or at the meeting.)


Members may, however, also decide, in the interests of clarity and transparency, to declare at this point in the meeting, any such disclosable pecuniary interests which they have already declared in the Register, as well as any other registrable or other interests.


If a Member requires advice on any item involving a possible declaration of interest which could affect his/her ability to speak and/or vote, he/she is advised to contact the Monitoring Officer at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.


Local Government Act 1972 - Excluded Items

To consider whether the items, if any, in Part II of the Agenda should be considered in the presence of the press and public.


Chairman's Announcements pdf icon PDF 92 KB

To receive announcements by the Chairman.


Local Government Reorganisation - Verbal Update

To receive a verbal update on any matters relating to Local Government Reorganisation.


Corporate Finance Update Quarter 3 2022-23 pdf icon PDF 386 KB

To note the projected year end position based on performance to the end of Quarter 3 2022/23 and officers planned actions to ensure a balanced budget by the end of the financial year.

Additional documents:


External Audit Reports 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 238 KB

To receive the External Auditor’s report for the 2021/22 financial year.

Additional documents:


Temporary Appointment to Blawith and Subberthwaite Parish Council pdf icon PDF 123 KB

To note two temporary District Councillor appointments to Blawith and Subberthwaite Parish Council to enable it to remain quorate pending further election/co-option to the Parish Council.

Additional documents:


Annual Review of the Call-in and Urgency Provisions 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 364 KB

To consider the findings of the 2022/23 annual review of the Constitution’s call-in and urgency provisions.

Additional documents:


Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 124 KB

To receive the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s Annual Report which summarises the work and achievements of the Committee during 2022/23.

Additional documents:


Chair of the Audit Committee's Annual Report 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 239 KB

To receive the Chair of the Audit Committee’s Annual Report which summarises the activities of the Committee during 2022/23.

Additional documents:


Annual Report of Standards Committee pdf icon PDF 239 KB

To receive the Standards Committee’s Annual Report for 2022/2023.

Additional documents:


Urgent Items

To consider any Urgent Items.


Leader's Announcements and Cabinet Question Time, Including the Composite Report of the Cabinet (1 Hour Maximum) pdf icon PDF 285 KB

To receive announcements from the Leader and, in accordance with Paragraphs 10.2 and 10.3 of the Council’s Rules of Procedure, to deal with any questions to the Leader and/or Portfolio Holders on any topic which is within the jurisdiction or influence of the Council and is relevant to their Portfolio.  Any Member who poses a question will be entitled to ask one supplementary question on the same topic.


Council is asked to receive the Executive Reports from the Leader and Cabinet and to deal with any questions raised by Members to the appropriate Cabinet Members on the contents of the reports. Please note, these reports are marked to follow and will be circulated to Members ahead of the meeting.


Members are encouraged to give 24 hours’ written notice of questions to the Monitoring Officer of questions to be raised under the Agenda Item.  If no notice is received, then the Portfolio Holder can reserve the right to give a written answer.  Where written notice of questions has been given, these will be taken first.  Should a Member wish to ask more than one question, questions should be listed in order of priority.  If more than one Member sends in a question, these will be taken in alphabetical order of Members’ names, alternated from meeting to meeting.  Each question and each response is restricted to three minutes.

Additional documents:


Minutes of Meetings

To receive Chairmen’s comments (if any notified) in respect of the minutes of the Committee meetings held between 29 October and 27 February 2023.


Questions to Chairman of the Council or Chairman of any Committee or Sub-Committee

To deal with any questions under Rule 10.6 of the Council’s Rules of Procedure, of which due notice has been given and/or the Chairman allows as a matter of urgent business and which are in relation to any matter over which the Council has powers or duties or which affect the area.


Urgent Decisions pdf icon PDF 296 KB

In accordance with Paragraph 17.3 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules, to receive details of any urgent Executive Decisions, if any, taken since the last scheduled meeting of Council on 20 December 2022

Additional documents:


Emergency Delegated Executive Decisions pdf icon PDF 325 KB

To note the following Emergency Delegated Executive Decision taken by the Chief Executive in accordance with the Leader’s decision noted by Cabinet at CEX/104 (2019/20):-


-        020 – Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fuel Payment (Attached)


Closing Down Measures - Committee and Council Minutes Sign Off pdf icon PDF 271 KB

To consider delegating authority for the sign-off of final sets of committee and Council minutes to the Legal, Governance and Democracy Lead Specialist (Monitoring Officer)in consultation with the Chair of the relevant committee/ Council.



Toast by Chairman

The Chairman will propose a toast to close the meeting.


Private Section (exempt reasons under Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information) (Variation) Order 2006, specified by way of paragraph number)

There are no items in this part of the agenda.