Delegated Executive Decisions - Thursday, 21 November 2019 10.30 a.m.

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To consider a nomination to list land named as Big Meadow, Staveley, Kendal, as an asset of community value.

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(Chief Executive)




Consideration was given to a nomination from Staveley with Ings Parish Council to list the land named Big Meadow, Staveley, Kendal, as an Asset of Community Value.


The nomination had described the land as being a huge area within the central part of the village of Staveley, which had been revered by residents for many years.  It was noted in the nomination that the community gained pleasure from walking around the field (which was also wheelchair accessible and not very steep) and gained pleasure from the views across it.  The nomination referred to the land being designated as a Green Space by the Lake District National Park Authority and stated that there had been, in the past and present, strong objections from the community towards any proposed development taking place on the land.  The nomination stated that this was evidence that the community felt strongly that the field should be retained as a community asset.  It further stated that the asset could be kept as a private tenant field used by a local farmer for the foreseeable future.  The nomination did not, however, provide any evidence that the community had access to the land in the ways described.


There was no evidence within the application that the principle use of the land was to further the community’s social wellbeing.  Nor was it apparent, on the basis of the application, that the current or recent non-ancillary use of the asset furthered the social well-being and social interests of the community.  The application did refer to the community deriving benefit from access and views, but this would appear to be a secondary, ancillary benefit which, in any event, was not substantiated by evidence in the application.


As a result, and in accordance with legislation, it was proposed that the nominated asset should be added to the list of unsuccessful nominations.




That the land named Big Meadow, Staveley, Kendal, be entered onto South Lakeland District Council’s list of unsuccessful nominations of Assets of Community Value.


Reasons for Decision


To meet legislative requirements.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


Listing the land as an asset of community value. However is likely that it could be proven on appeal that the listing would not satisfy the requirements of the relevant legislation.