Agenda item

Human Resources Policy Review

To consider the reviews of a number of the Council’s Policies:-


·         Acceptable Standard of Appearance at Work Policy

·         Access to Personnel Files Policy

·         Adoption Leave and Pay Policy

·         Adverse Weather Policy

·         Career Break Policy

·         Career Break Application Form

·         Carry-forward of Annual Leave Guidance

·         Claim for Additional Hours Guidelines

·         Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

·         Disciplinary Policy

·         Procedure for Appeal Panel (Dismissal) Disciplinary Policy


The Human Resources Specialist presented the Policy Review report to the Human Resources Committee and identified a number of updates incorporated into eleven of the Councils policies.


The updates were part of the policy review schedule and reflected structural management changes.


No changes had been made to the Acceptable Standard Appearance Policy.


The HR Specialist confirmed that the Access to Personnel Files had been reviewed and updated in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 which implements the General Data Protection Regulation.


The Adoption Leave policy incorporated a minor amendment to departmental names following the structural changes as a result of the Customer Connect Programme.


The Adverse Weather policy had been reviewed and updated to remove all references to the core times as these no longer existed following the previous changes adopted through the Working Arrangements and Flexi Time Policy in 2019. 


The Career Break Policy had been reviewed and minor changes had been incorporated to reflect structural changes as a result of the Customer Connect Programme. The HR Lead Specialist confirmed that the policy had also been updated to reflect that it was no longer necessary for pension contributions to be paid within the first 30 days of a career break.


The guidelines for the Carry Forward of Annual Leave Policy had been amended to reflect the structural changes as a result of the Customer Connect Programme.


The Claim for Additional Hours Policy had been reviewed to reflect the changes that had occurred in the spinal points from SCP 28 to SCP 22.


The Disclosure and Barring Service Policy had additional wording included to provide clarity the fee payments for new checks and renewals and additional information included regarding the retention of details.


Finally the HR Specialist had reviewed the Disciplinary Policy to amend section 7.0 which detailed the levels of authority to take disciplinary action incorporating the new structural changes as a result of the Customer Connect Programme.


The HR Specialist responded to questions raised by members of the Committee providing clarity around the Acceptable Standard of Appearance at Work Policy. It was confirmed that the organisation recognised that employees were spending prolonged periods of time working from home and therefore wanted employees to wear comfortable clothing however the policy would remain in place to discourage inappropriate clothing.


The HR Specialist assured the Committee that the adoption leave policy followed best practise and reflected statutory guidelines. It was clarified that the timescales for adoption leave in comparison to maternity leave were difference however this was in accordance with government legislation.


RESOLVED - That the amendments to the each of the policies be approved.

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