Agenda item

Coronation Hall and Ulverston Market - Lease agreements.

To consider an extension to the current lease and underlease of Coronation Hall and management of the Market Hall and outdoor market for up to 2 years. 




The Economy, Culture and Leisure Portfolio Holder presented a report on the lease agreements for Coronation Hall and Ulverston Market to Ulverston Community Enterprise (UCE). He informed Members that he was pleased to see UCE’s involvement and that he was confident in their ability to move the project forward.


Members echoed their support for the proposals and expressed their hope that this report would build for the long-term future of the Coronation Hall and Ulverston Market. Further discussion raised support for the proposals, the ongoing maintenance of the sites, the possibility of an update to the public on the status of the two buildings and the importance of continuing projects like these and the commitment to support communities in the unprecedented times presented by the ongoing pandemic.


The Leader expressed his support for the UCE’s enthusiasm toward the project and requested that an informal briefing session be scheduled to update both South Lakeland District Council Members and Ulverston Town Council.


The Leader asked the meeting if the motion was agreed. There was no dissent.






(1)   a short term extension to the current lease and under lease (for the Contact Centre) for the Coronation Hall and management agreements for Ulverston Indoor and Street Markets with the Ulverston Coronation Hall Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) for up to a maximum of two years with the guarantee with the Ulverston Community Enterprise and delegates the terms of the agreements to the Director of Customer and Commercial Services in conjunction with the Operational Lead for Delivery and Commercial Services and Lead Specialist forLegal, Governance and Democracy to agree, be approved; and


(2)   the use of an exemption or waiver to appoint UCE on a short term (maximum two year) basis to manage the Ulverston markets (indoor and outdoor) without a formal tender process and to forego income as shown in Section 7 of the report, be approved.


Reasons for Decision


The proposal to extend the current lease and under lease for the Coronation Hall and management agreements for Ulverston Indoor and Street Markets links to the Council’s priorities to work with our partners to deliver regional growth and creating opportunities for young people by:-

·        promoting unique selling points such as marine and cultural and creative industries; and

·        using culture and built heritage to support our unique offer.

Alternative Options


Cease operation of the Coronation Hall and seek disposal of the freehold. This option is not recommended as it would not enable the benefits which can be achieved through local management and investment to be achieved. It would prevent the option of enabling a local community solution to be developed further. If in the future, transfer proves unworkable, this option would need to be reconsidered.


Transfer the Coronation Hall only and keep the Markets under direct SLDC control and operation. This option is not recommended as the UCE purpose and business model is developed on the principle of managing a range of facilities which contribute to the wellbeing of the town. Markets are seen as an opportunity to increase footfall to the town centre. Growing the revenue of markets enables future cross subsidy of the Coronation Hall.


To make the opportunity to run the Coronation Hall and Markets available to the open market and consider a competitive process. This option is not recommended as the drive to find a locally managed solution has come from within the Ulverston community. The operation requires a high degree of voluntary effort, matched with the revenue earning and sponsorship potential of the assets to be successful. The proposed way forward is a bespoke solution, utilising the strengths and support of the Ulverston community.An openprocess runsa highrisk ofa deliverablesolution notcoming forward. Ifin thefuture, transferproves unworkable, thisoption couldbe reconsidered.


Note – a motion to adjourn the meeting for 10 minutes was proposed and seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 11.28 a.m.


At 11.38 a.m. following the adjournment, a roll call was taken, all Members confirming that they were present before continuing.