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PLANNING APPLICATION NO. SL/2020/0783 (FPA) - Land off Brigsteer Road, Kendal - Update

To consider an update to the officer’s report which was approved by the 29 July 2021 Planning Committee for the erection of 88 dwellings and associated works on the land off Brigsteer Road, Kendal.


The Principal Planning Officer presented an update in relation to Planning Application No. SL/2020/0783, which had previously received a resolution of the Planning Committee to grant planning permission for the erection of 88 dwellings and associated works on the land off Brigsteer Road, Kendal. At the meeting of the Planning Committee held on July 29 2021 Members’ considered the merits of the planning application which included a discussion of the fact that since the allocation of the Stainbank Green site for residential development in 2013, the Lake District National Park had been extended in 2015 and designated a World Heritage Site in 2017. These issues were addressed in officers’ responses to questions. However, in light of a question raised which regarded the Lake District National Park Authority’s response to the application and given the significance of these considerations it was decided to summarise the position in a further written update to the Committee.


The Principal Planning Officer displayed slides that demonstrated the changes, and provided the comments of the National Park Authority; this was reported in full in the update within the report. He highlighted to Members that the redefinition of the boundary made no difference to the previous Officer recommendation, Members were asked to note the lack of intervisibility between the site and the National Park boundary. The recommendation provided to the Committee at the last meeting on 29 July 2021 still stood and Members were asked to re-affirm their resolution of the Committee.


The Principal Planning Officer made Members aware of an online petition that was sent to the Chief Executive of the Council the day before the Committee, which contained twelve signatures. The Principal Officer highlighted that none of the points in the petition were points that were not discussed at the last Committee meeting on 29 July 2021 or not covered in the Officers report. Members requested that the Principal Specialist read out the petition for completeness.


Before the Public Participants addressed the Committee, the Chairman reiterated that under the Council’s Constitution any points that had been addressed at the previous Committee could not be raised again as part of the Public Participation.


Mr Graham Dearlove addressed the Committee on behalf of a number of local residents and spoke in objection of the application.


Mr Martin. Nuggent, the Applicant’s Agent, who was due to speak in support of the application, conceded his time. The Agent clarified that the Principal Specialist had already addressed all of his points in the report.


The Principal Planning Officer, in response to Mr.Dearlove’s address, confirmed that a view from the Lake District National Park Authority had been sought and no objections were received. Members’ spoke of a potential Roman Road that may have run through part of the site. However, the Principal Officer clarified to Members this was unconfirmed.


RESOLVED – That Members be asked to reaffirm their resolution from 29 July 2021 P/7 in accordance with:-


(1)   the recommendation in section 7.0 of the original officers’ report (Appendix A);


(2)   the modifications to conditions 2 and 13 set out in the update tabled on 29 July 2021 (Appendix B); and

That Members:-


(3)   grant the Director of Customer and Commercial Services delegated authority to secure the provision of adoptable highway links (previously reported on at section 7.1(b)(vi) of the original officer report at Appendix A) by S106 agreement and/or by use of planning condition the details of which are delegated to the Director.

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