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Council Plan Performance Monitoring Report Quarter 2 2021/22

To monitor progress against the measures of success as detailed within the Council Plan.




Members had been provided with copies of an updated version of Appendix 2 to the report prior to the meeting.


The Leader and Promoting South Lakeland and Innovation Portfolio Holder presented an update report on progress with the Council Plan 2021-2026 for Quarter 2 of 2021/22.  Monitoring the success of the Council Plan informed of improvements and ensured that Council services addressed the needs of residents in an open and transparent way.  The Council was committed to delivering high quality, cost effective services that met the needs of residents and improved quality of life.  The performance management process helped the Council to demonstrate how well it was going.  The report also included the Council’s Strategic Risk Register.


The targets listed within the report showed very good performance and demonstrated that South Lakeland was a very desirable place to live, work and explore.  However, in line with the national trend and the influence of Covid-19, the number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation had increased.  Economic benchmarks were not directly reflective of Council performance, as there were many external factors at play.  The Council monitored the state of South Lakeland’s economy, trends, strengths and weaknesses to help prioritise activities and interventions, and adapted and implemented policies to positively affect the economy.  Following a review of the Strategic Risks for Quarter 4 2019/20, it had been found that 65% of risks were above appetite.  This significant change was due to the pressures brought about by Covid-19.  The review this Quarter 2 2021/22 showed that improvement continued, now with a significantly reduced 19% of risks positioned above appetite.  Updates for each of the targets were listed within the report. At Quarter 1 2021/22 reporting, Cabinet had requested that data be presented in graphical format to facilitate interpretation. This had been implemented and all graphs could be seen together within Appendix 2 to the report.


Members expressed thanks for the presentation of the data in graphical format.  Reference was made to the target for completion of the Master Plan for the GSK site in Ulverston by July 2021 and the Leader and Promoting South Lakeland and Innovation Portfolio Holder, in response to a request, undertook to endeavour to ensure that all District Councillors for Ulverston received updates on progress.  Attention was drawn to the statistics for long term empty homes and whilst the impact of Covid-19 was recognised, concern was raised regarding the fact that there had been little change over the past ten years.  The Housing Portfolio Holder believed that the Council’s decision on the Council Tax premium was starting to have an impact on these figures.  In response to a request, she added that the next quarterly report would show the figures through the period of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Climate Action and Biodiversity Portfolio Holder provided Members with details of the work being carried out within the remit of her Portfolio, particularly around Climate Change.




RESOLVED – That the following be noted:-


(1)        the Summary of Performance as detailed in the report;


(2)        the detailed risks information contained within Appendix 1 to the report; and


(3)        the detailed performance statistics in Appendix 2 (revised) to the report.


Reasons for Decision


Performance Monitoring underpins service delivery and provides good value for money. Performance Monitoring supports the delivery of all four Council Plan Priorities.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


There were no alternative options.  The purpose of the report is to receive a performance update.  The Council must note successes, monitor progress and take action where appropriate.

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