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Contract award for concrete repairs to Westmorland Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park.

To consider investment in Westmorland Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park.


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Councillor Jarvis, Deputy Leader & Finance and Assets PortfolioHolder introduced the report proposing significant investment in Westmorland Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park to secure its life span for a further 25 years to support the economic development of Kendal Town Centre. The complex lease and ownership of the site was explained to members.


Previous works carried out to the site in 2011 and 2015 were described to Cabinet and it was noted that the work for this project does not look to repeat or re-do any of these works but to install a new waterproofing deck coating to be installed on levels 3a, 3, 4 and 4a. This was to include all concrete vehicle ramps and any areas of existing asphalt surfacing, highlighting that the works will ensure that all drainage channels, parapets and deck edges are included. The details regarding the tender were presented.


Councillor Jarvis explained that whilst the works are underway, various sections will be closed to parking, however the car park will remain open at all times. Parking levels in the Town are currently reduced compared to recent years and officers feel that the Town is able to cope with parking capacity for the duration of works. Officers will monitor any impact re: the Covid vaccination centre and look to mitigate where needed. It was recommended that Cabinet approve the award asproposed.


As part of the Council’s Strategic Property review and general asset strategy, a condition review was undertaken of the Westmorland Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park. Currently, the estimated life span of the structure is 10-15 years. To ensure that parking capacity remains at the current levels in Kendal, it is proposed to undertake works to the structure to ensure a life span of 25 years (min) with ongoing plannedmaintenance.


An assessment of sustainable travel and demand has been undertaken. It is likely that demand for car parking will have reduced, but not to a level that the Council does not anticipate no need for the car park in 10-15 years. This work is therefore planned to protect the parking demand in the Town for the next 25 years and beyond if required.


Councillor Dixon expressed that he was glad to see the work go ahead. He agreed that the lease agreement is very complex but was pleased that the necessary works were to be progressed.


Councillor John Holmes queried the nature of the lease hold arrangements. He referenced the section of the shopping centre that was to be leased to Kendal College and wanted to know if the college was going to make a contribution towards the costs.


The Operational Lead - Delivery and Commercial Services advised that all members of the college are able to use the car park the same way as any member of the public. He confirmed that there are currently communications underway about the possibility of the college leasing one whole floor of the car park. He advised that these communications are at an early stage and will provide more information when it is available.






(1)        Agreed to award the contract to the recommended bidder being the most economicallyadvantageous tenderas notedin theTender reportin the PartII Appendix 1; and


(2)        Agreed to delegate authority to the Director for Customer and Commercial Services in consultation with Lead Specialist for Legal, Governance and Democracy (Monitoring Officer) to enter into the appropriate contract for the works to commence.


Reasons for Decision


Significant investment in the Westmorland Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park will secure its life span for a further 25 years and support the economic development of Kendal Town Centre.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


Do nothing – to not maintain the structure could lead to parts of the site closing in 10 years’ time which will have a significant impact on the Town Centre viability.


Postpone the works – whilst this is an option, the works are needed and the concrete will only deteriorate further which will lead to increase in costs. Development in sustainable transport is also not developing at a speed which could offer a reason why this work should be delayed.


Award the contract to an alternative bidder – this is not recommended on the basis of the tender analysis in Appendix 1.

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