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PLANNING APPLICATION NO. SL/2022/0013 Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kirkland, Kendal, LA9 5AJ

To consider an application for essential repairs and refurbishments at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal (superseding planning permission SL/2019/0182 and listed building consent SL/2019/0183).


NOTE – Cllr Janette Jenkinson  requested that it be recorded that in light of SLDCs role as land owner and potential funder of the scheme, and for transparency, that it be noted Members were not biased or pre-determined and upon Members being asked to confirm if they had any declaration of interest, none was forthcoming.


The Senior Specialist - Development Management delivered a report explaining the general maintenance works proposed. Essentially these are upgrades and adjustments that require consent. The works planned utilise the existing fabric of the building, with nothing structurally invasive.


The removal and disposal of the storage shed has already been agreed as outlined within the report.


The Officer drew Members’ attention to consider the aesthetic value of the coping stones using slides illustrating the restoration works planned. The Officer informed Members that the environment agency is being collaborated with on the issue of flooding. They were reassured that there are no concerns reported or issues raised.


Images of the shed which is planned to be demolished were shown.


The proposal was described as a relatively straightforward application akin to ‘TLC to the Abbot Hall’.


The Planning Officer responded to questions raised by Members.


Members raised the flooding issue of Peppercorn Cottages. The Officer reassured Members that the EA was collaborating on the measures to protect the Abbott Hall development to ensure the drainage should not interfere with these properties. The Officer clarified that this a proposal for works to a listed building not a planning application. The flooding issue cannot in fact be applied to this application.


Members noted the above and requested that Officers notify the Peppercorn Cottage residents to reassure them and let them know that the EA will be informing this flood defence plan and that it should not affect residents.


A motion to approve the application was proposed and seconded and a vote was taken on the application and it was:


RESOLVED: - That the application be approved subject to the following:-


Condition (1) The works hereby permitted shall begin not later than three years from the date of this decision.


Reason: To comply with the requirements of Section 18 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


Condition (2) The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:

- Location plan, 519/LP01 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed site plan, 519/SP01 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed Museum elevations, 519/21 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed Hall elevations, 519/20 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed Stores and Blind Beck, 519/12 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed Museum/Store Floor Plans, 519/11 received 10 January 2022

- Proposed Main Hall Floor Plans, 519/10 received 10 January 2022

- Design, Access and Heritage Statement


Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.


Condition (3)

a) No construction or repair shall commence until details of the materials to be used for the development hereby approved have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

b) Development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details of materials and shall be retained as such thereafter, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority.


Reason: To ensure the development is of a high quality design in accordance with Policies DM2 and DM3 of the Development Management Policies Development Plan Document and Policy CS8.10 of the South Lakeland Core Strategy


Supporting documents: