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Pay Agreement 2018-20: New Pay Grades

20/12/2018 - National Pay Agreement 2018-20: New Pay Grades

Charles Officer, the Senior Human Resources Advisor, presented the National Pay Agreement 2018-20 New Pay Grade Report and explained that the authority was part of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, which nationally negotiated pay and grading. He explained that the National Pay Agreement would be implemented from 1 April 2019 and every Council employee would see an increase in pay of at least 2%. He also explained that the new minimum pay rate would be in line with the National Living Wage of £9.00 per hour, with the exception of apprentices. The Senior Human Resources Advisor informed the Committee that, as a result of the introduction of the new national pay spine, there would be changes to the current pay grade increment system. He concluded by informing Members that collective consultation had taken place with Trade Unions and Members through the Joint Consultative Panel and the proposals were supported.


The Committee discussed the report and the Senior Human Resources Advisor, Director of Policy and Resources (Monitoring Officer) and the Chief Executive responded to questions raised by Members.




(1)        the new pay spine be endorsed; and


(2)        the implementation of the new pay spine with effect from 1 April 2019 be recommended to Full Council for approval.