Executive post

Economy, Culture and Leisure Portfolio Holder


The Council Plan objectives as they relate to the Portfolio area of work, and cross-cutting work developed through the Local Plan and Economic Development Strategy, promoting Culture leisure activities and the arts and developing strategy for cultural assets.


Working in partnership to ensure a thriving and prosperous District within the context of the wider sub-region, through effective economic development, regeneration and transport strategies.


Working in partnership to ensure thriving and prosperous town centres throughout the District.


Providing public realm infrastructure to promote the local economy.


Promoting small businesses in both towns and rural areas.


The Council plan objectives in relation to promoting culture, leisure activities and the arts.


To work with our cultural organisations to attract investment and to promote South Lakeland as a premier area for Arts and Events.


Policies, Plans and Strategies


·         Economic Development Strategy

·         Arts and Events

·         Grants Strategy

·         Licensing and Statement of Gambling Policies


Key Areas


·         Economic Inward Investment

·         Business Support and Sector Development

·         Visitor Economy

·         Town Centre Planning, Car Parks and Transportation Strategies

·         Markets

·         Arts and Culture

·         Grants

·         Public Halls

·         Use of community assets for the promotion of arts and culture

·         Heritage and Events

·         Heritage Listed Buildings and built environment

·         Voluntary Sector Engagement in relation to Culture and Leisure

·         Leisure and Recreation

·         Licensing and Gambling

·         Cross Authority Economic initiatives

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