Executive post

Customer and Locality Services Portfolio Holder


To work with all Members, the community and organisations in developing , case management, specialist services as part of the Council’s Customer connect programme.


Delivery of the Council Plan objectives in relation to quality of service and high performance culture.


The organisation of the Authority relating to the Council’s central services, including Employee relations.


Providing and maintaining parks infrastructure.


To take the lead on Strategic Waste Management/Recycling and relevant Council Plan measures under the environment objectives.


To drive our Localism agenda.


Polices, plans and strategies

·        Waste Management Strategy (environmental impacts)

·        Emergency Plan

·        Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

·        Customer Charter and Contact Strategy

·        Member Development and Training Plan

·        Workforce Plan (to be reviewed under customer connect programme)


Key Areas

·        Customer services (operational)

·        Emergency Planning

·        Waste Management and Recycling Strategy

·        Localism

·        Water Quality

·        Car Parking (operations)

·        Waste Management (operations and service optimisation)

·        Streetscene

·        Member Services

·        Member Training and Development

·        Legal and Committee Services and HR Services

·        Corporate Health and Safety

Post is held by