Executive post

Health, Wellbeing and Poverty Alleviation Portfolio Holder


To work with other tiers of government, voluntary sector, community groups and other relevant partners to enhance the health and wellbeing of residents.


Alleviate the harmful effects of poverty in the District, looking at issues to address those who are disadvantaged, focusing on fairness and reducing disadvantage and inequalities.


Working with key partners with regards to welfare reforms.


Nominated representative on the Health and Wellbeing board as appropriate.


The relationship of the Council with its citizens; civic participation and the Council plan objectives around leisure, health and wellbeing and working with communities.


Leading on inequality, deprivation and population health.


Working with key partners with regards to public health and community safety.


Polices, plans and strategies

·      Community Strategy

·      Health and Wellbeing Strategy

·      Cumbria Joint Public Health Strategy

·      Community Safety Plan


Key Areas

·      Public Health

·      Community Development

·      Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy

·      Voluntary Sector in relation to Public Health and Wellbeing Sector

·      Health and Safety

·      Poverty alleviation, financial resilience

·      Young People/ projects

·      Emerging community issues

Post is held by