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Council / Cabinet / Delegated Decisions, 2023

The Forward Plan is a list of the Council’s forthcoming Key Decisions, Private Executive Decisions and Budget and Policy Framework Decisions. These decisions will be made by either the Cabinet or by officers who have been delegated authority by the Cabinet.

The Forward Plan is normally published on the last working day of the month.


The Council is required to give 28 days’ notice when Key Decisions are to be made, and when an executive meeting is to be held in private. The Notice has been drafted to comply with that requirement. It is available for inspection on the Council’s website as well as at South Lakeland House, Kendal, and sets out the following:-

(1) the matters which the Executive (also known as the Cabinet) believes fall within the definition of a Key Decision to be taken by the Executive or a Senior Officer of the Council;

(2) details of any private meeting of the Executive; and

(3) proposals for the recommendation to Council of any plan, strategy or budget that forms part of the Council’s Budget and Policy Framework, and its timetable and arrangements for consultation. The policies which make up the Budget and Policy Framework can be found in Article 4, Part 2 of the Council’s Constitution.

Note - Budget and Policy Framework Decisions are not Key Decisions (ie. they are not Executive decisions but are decided by the Full Council; although the Executive may make recommendations to Council about them). In the spirit of openness and transparency the Council has decided to publicise the decision making process for such matters in the same manner as for Key Decisions.

Special urgency provisions are available if it is impracticable to follow the procedure, and the decision can still be taken if agreement has been sought as required by the urgency provisions. Notice must be given setting out the reasons why a decision is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred.